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HI & Welcome to the Boards :wave: ,
Yes, It is possible. I did wonderful after my Fusion Surgery, but then things changed and I had a pain going through the center of the left butt cheek, then began running down the back of my thigh and down my leg to my toes, I knew EXACTLY where it was coming from.
Finally I could no longer walk without severe pain.
My Surgeon said mine was Sciatica. He did another Surgery and found a piece of bone was missed and lodged into the Sciatic Nerve, so he removed it. Now the nerve is really p****d off, he calls it Radicular pain now.
Do a search on google for "Radicular" and you'll be surprised at what you find. Also on Sciatica.
Alot of people on here are dealing with this type of Nerve Pain and trying to get some relief. Maybe someone knows of something that might work for you.
I can tell you this...My Surgeon suggested Icing it, then Heat, back & Forth at 15 minute intervals.
Pinched Nerves seem to be very common on here. You didn't mention how long you've had this or how bad it is. Have you had any Surgery? Physical Therapy?
Any of this information can help us, help you.
If it's deep in the butt, it sounds like the sciatic nerve. I would grab my butt constantly thinking it was muscle and I could massage it out, press on that trigger point, but that made it worse plus it looked funny. I finally found out it was the nerve and not to press on it as that would send the pain through the roof and just aggravate it.

Sciatic pain is deep in the butt and unrelenting. And it can travel to the hips, down the leg, all the way to the toe and cause numbness, pins and needles and even weakness. it's a horrible pain. Also, for me it feels like a cord is being pulled taught from my hip all the way down my leg. The muscles get all out of whack and spasm and it's a circle.

Pushing on it just worsens it. What does help is ice. And pool walking. the pool lessens my sciatic pain more than anything.

Have you had an MRI to look for a herniated disk and pinched nerve? If it is unrelenting and doesn't go away, and gets worse, you ought to find out what is causing it. You've come to the right place.
I was told by my Neurologist an Emg doesnt always reveal problems with pinched nerves. I had an emg which showed negative, but I have bad sciatic/ radicular pain from S1 nerve impingement which shows on my Mri, due to large amount of scar tissue. I am taking Neurotin for butt pain, and it helps alot. I still have low back pain which seems to be constant. The only relief I get is from icing and walking in the pool. Good luck & stay strong !
Yeah, I've got to agree with the other poster, it sounds like a nerve is impinged. Lots of things can cause that. A disk could herniate out onto a nerve or a weak overworked muscle could be spasming and hitting the nerve or it could be piriformis related.

I just checked out from the library some books on sciatica, which is what you have all the classic symptoms of. Try: the Sciatica Relief handbook, Relieving Sciatica, and Numb Toes and Aching Soles.

they will at least educate you.

That thing with your toe going numb is not good and sign of a pinched nerve. If you get weakness in your leg or cannot lift your toes, it is an emergency. Same if you lose bladder or bowel control. But your doctor should have told you this already.

You shouldn't be left high and dry with nothing to do, nowhere to go for relief. And it CAN get worse. You need to know what to do so you do the right things and it doesn't get worst. Plus, as you know, it can get terribly painful.

Have you tried to go to a physical therapist that specializes in backs because they know a lot about this, but pick a good one. And the thing with backs is if it hurts, STOP. This back thing, especially if a nerve is involved, works different from other injuries where you work out regardless of pain. With a back, the rule no pain no gain does NOT apply.

So if you do get into PT, and you do a move that hurts, stop, or back off on it til it doesn't hurt. Same goes for you at home or at work. If it hurts, stop doing whatever you are doing. If it hurts when you stretch a certain way, quit, or back off on the stretch to where it does not hurt. If sitting hurts, stand up! Keeping on sitting really makes it worse and as you know, flares it up so it hurts for days.

Hope that helps. Not being a doctor, I cannot tell you what to do or diagnose you, but I can tell you what I have experienced.

You have all the same symptoms I have and I had a herniated disc at L4/L5 that compressed a nerve. some of these can heal on their own and some don't and require surgery. I lost use of my foot and had surgery to walk again. But my nerve was pinched so bad I have a 3 year recovery or longer. Nerves, once injured, can take years to heal. You are right to look for help and research this. Those books are a start. And I agree with the other poster that ice and pool therapy, just pool walking, help best.

if you get up to a level 9 or 10 pain, tell the doctor, and they'll give you something like neurontin for the nerve pain, but I don't think they've diagnosed you yet on what is causing this, and they need to so you do not get worse.

Something has aggravated a nerve. What and why are what you have to figure out. And how bad. It could be you sit too much, or lift in your job, and have to quit doing that. The nerve could be bruised, pinched a little or pinched a lot.

Also, do a search on this site under sciatic or sciatica and you'll learn a lot.

I can tell you too that bending, lifting, twisting are things you ought to avoid right now as they will really get that nerve going. My doctor said walking was good if you could do it.

What does your doctor say to do? What is his diagnosis?

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