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If it's deep in the butt, it sounds like the sciatic nerve. I would grab my butt constantly thinking it was muscle and I could massage it out, press on that trigger point, but that made it worse plus it looked funny. I finally found out it was the nerve and not to press on it as that would send the pain through the roof and just aggravate it.

Sciatic pain is deep in the butt and unrelenting. And it can travel to the hips, down the leg, all the way to the toe and cause numbness, pins and needles and even weakness. it's a horrible pain. Also, for me it feels like a cord is being pulled taught from my hip all the way down my leg. The muscles get all out of whack and spasm and it's a circle.

Pushing on it just worsens it. What does help is ice. And pool walking. the pool lessens my sciatic pain more than anything.

Have you had an MRI to look for a herniated disk and pinched nerve? If it is unrelenting and doesn't go away, and gets worse, you ought to find out what is causing it. You've come to the right place.

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