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[QUOTE=singer1]Hello to all! :wave:

Does you feel pain after getting up after sitting in the back of the knee or calf? I can not figure out why I have to stand for a few seconds before I start walking because of this pain somewhere behind my leg/or calf. It's like I can not straiten out my leg after sitting until I wait a few seconds. Is this Sciatica?[/QUOTE]

Do you have pain in any other part of your legs, back, buttocks, anywhere other then the back of your knee or calf? I have severe sciatica, and mine starts in my lower back, down into my hips, then a terrible pain in my buttocks right about at the point where your wallet would hit you on your buttocks... feels like someone is just twisting the heck out of that muscle or nerve... runs down into my legs calf and feet... can be a shooting, sharp pain, a throbbing aching pain, or a burning pain like your leg are on fire.... also sometime you can get a feeling like bugs are crawling on or inside your legs....I also have a very hard time after I get up from sitting that I have to wait a few seconds before I start to walk, usually this is due to a spasm from sciatica. Sitting is also very very painful for me.

Have you had any kind of testing done, have you been told you have any kind of disc problems in your back or anything?? A little more info as far as your condition goes would be a bit more helpful....

Hope this helps some.


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