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[QUOTE=luvtocamp]in your back will the area hurt and also do you get pain radiating down to the leg. My leg is numb wish lower leg spasms but not pain, also no pain in the back- could it still be a disc problem? Thanks.[/QUOTE]
Dear Luvtocamp,
I went into dr.'s office 4 months ago with a leg cramp starting from my buttocks shooting down my back of my leg. I seen one female dr. that had me lie on my back on table as she lifted up my sore leg in air. She then asked me if I felt any pain in my back. No pain, so she concluded that it was just "sciatica". Basically, deal with it, it will go away in a couple weeks. Well in those 2 weeks pain was getting so severe that I limped when I walked. I then again went to see a different dr. This one had me sit at edge of table and did the reflex thing to my good leg in back of ankle, where that cord is, he made my foot jump a bit, then he did it to my bad leg, no response at all. He knew right away the there was a problem in my back with the nerve. Had a X-ray that same day, said I had a bulging disk, 2 days later had MRI, found out I have 2 herniated disks in lower back, bulging so much it was pressing against the sciatic nerve, the one that runs down buttocks into back of leg. Dr. wanted to do surgery right away, but I am on my 3rd epidural injection. First one worked good, lasted about 3-4 weeks, 2nd one hurt more in back of leg, and I just had 3rd one today. Already feel a big difference. Get and x-ray first, then probably have to get MRI. Don't put off and deal with pain. Good luck to ya, let me know what they found out?

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