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I'm sorry to hear your having a rough start. I had a 360 fusion as well, but everything was done from the back. I had TLIF (transforminal lumbar interbody fusion) on L5-S1 with a cage, and rods and screws. not sure which company he used, its somewhere in the paperwork. he also used bone from my hip, which causes me some pain when walking.
I get some leg pain, and a little tingling down the back of my left leg, I'm not concerned because I could barely lift my left leg before surgery. I have incisional pain as well, it feels as if someone took my skin and tightened it, its getting better. I can't take any pain killers as it is a killer on me, and I'm so dizzy and ready to throw up, so I stopped that and just take tylenol. the dizzeness and nasuea is gone once I got the hard core medication out of me. I know what you mean about feeling like your going to pass out if you sit up too long, that will pass soon, today was the first day I spent the morning up out of bed, then after lunch I took a nap, and was up again at dinner, I'm just waiting for my mom to help give me a shower now!
what was your condition? why did you need the surgery? I have spondy and scolosis, and it was pressing on my nerves. (I wonder if they have something to fix fiances who press your nerves!! LOL)
well write back and let me know how your doing, take your time, you'll feel better soon!!
the morning is the worse for me as well, I don't use anything to help loosen me up, just walking. I have pain when I walk too, its very low, and just feels really tight. my hip bothers me from time to time, and they also used titanium, and doner bone. I have muscular pain in my left leg, and a little in my right, I try to stretch a little when I'm in bed to help. thank heavens my back spasms are gone, mine were so bad my legs shook! I'm still waiting for my doctor to call my script in, its now 6:30, I'm trying hard to be patient!
what part of California? I stayed there with my ex-boyfriend near the Tustin base for about a month with his family. I loved everything about California!! I really want to go back again, it was so great!
have a good evening!
We are from a suburb north of Detroit. It has been really hot here lately with no rain. So I'm not sure if my daughter is feeling any effects from rain. She had a tendon reattachment in her pinkie when she was younger and feels the efffects when it's cold. She's wondering if it will be the same for her back.

Bella, they were supposed to use bone from her hip, but for some reason, I guess from me asking if there was hip pain involved, her dr decided to use donor bone and mix it with her bone that was removed during the lamenectomy. She has no hip pain because of that. So all will be well as long as it fuses which her dr feels it will. On the x-ray he showed me that they packed this bone along the outside of the rods. I also thought it was going in the middle, but they put the interbody spacers there.

She just got home from her first venture out to a movie. She went to see Willy Wonka and said she made out ok, but her butt did hurt some. She came home and rested before dinner.

She is stiff like both of you in the morning. She says she gets up because she is feeling stiff and can't lay down any longer, but it is ten or later by that time - time to get up (lol). She walks around for a minute and then sits at the kitchen table.

She only had spasms once or twice and weren't terrible. We are wondering now if the two times she was shaking so hard in the hospital were actually spasms. No one could really tell us what they were and her dr wasn't concerned. It passed.

Tomorrow we're going to go walk a little at the Cancer Society's Relay for Life which is near us. Maybe we'll wait until evening when it's cooler. It's a beautiful sight when they light all of the luminaras at dusk.

Have a great weekend. cas
I was just thinking about how you two were doing. The countdown to the wedding. What date is it on? Are your hip and back feeling better?

My hand is coming along. I went to the dr yesterday and he still feels no surgery is needed. Yeah!! I stayed home this morning because he put on a new cast yesterday and my wrist was in a lot of pain. Took some motrin and am getting ready to go in for the pm.

I had a chat with my daughter's dr yesterday. She is now 14 weeks post-op. He said the no bending rule is a total of six months. I surely hope she's fused then because we don't go back until Feb. I reminded him that he told me there'd be a time when we wouldn't be able to stop her. I said that time has come. She's at school all day and then watching games... He was glad to hear that.

He said fine to heels and hot tubs. We talked about bleachers. He agrees with the no support and how people without back problems get a back ache from sitting on them, including him. He suggested a bleacher seat, but in the next breath he laughed because he knew that it wouldn't be cool. He was very reassuring to me about my hand dr. I was a litttle nervous because he's just off his fellowship in Aug., but he knew him from his residency and said he's a great dr and guy. Made me feel better.

Keep us posted on weddding developments.

Bella, how is your recovery coming? cas

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