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I'm Active Duty US Airforce and after about two years of PT, drugs, being told it was imagined I was finally given an MRI and guess what? Blown Disc at L5-S1. I was told it was the only option I had. SO Had the surgery done ( L5-S1 PLIF) immediately after the surgery I felt as if things were better(minus surgery pain). But after three weeks I developed what I now know to be common problems. My Left foot felt as if it were Both on fire and frozen at the same time, Left leg had some sensory loss and then the aching back started up. Did Pysical Therapy until the surgeoun said to stop. Well here it is a lil over 3 months later having been off from work and the USAF is starting to give me fits about returning to work. I saw my Doc on base and he did some test(guess I failed one...) and sent me for an emergency MRI. I was to also see my civilian surgeon immediately. So I will see him in about an hour ( July 12,2005 at 3:15 PM) Anyway, I'm guessing that the surgeon will find nothing wrong and say to take it easy for a month or two more. Well I can't do that cause the USAF doesn't play by civilian medical rules. I'm really depressed about the whole deal cause I am in pain, can barely walk more than 1/4 mile without heavily paying a price, can't hold my 6 month old son without a lot of pain, etc.. Is there anyone else on this board that is military and had to put up with this type of treatment? I don't have the same luxury as some about picking my doctors unless I pay for it all myself ( last surgery cost us Gov about 56,000 dollars) WHat types of things should I be asking future docs about back surgeries? I went in to this TOTALLY unawares. Well off to the medical hobbyshop for my "imagined" continued pain. I'llpost later again if I can and fill ya'll on what happened.

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