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I get this too - I think it's par for the course with back problems, tight muscles and spasms. Isn't it awful how it won't let up for days? It's so painful! I thought surgery would correct everything, but it doesn't. We have to I guess with exercise.

For me, getting in the pool helps. I do water walking or use a water aerobics belt so I can float body suspended and do jogging and stretching. I also do arm exercises, even a simple swim stroke back and forth while standing chest deep works. It relieves my tight muscles from lower to upper back and especially reduces the butt pain. The mid back gets tight too and it's important to stretch that out and the arm exercises do that.

today I did the lake then the hot tub then repeated and my back feels great. I'm tired from the cold lake water (takes a lot of energy from you), but I can say that the water works wonders. That heat then ice thing really works.

Please try the pool. Are you in physical therapy? They really recommend a water workout.

Really, the water for me (and I have nerve damage from a herniated L4/L5 disk that I had a microdisectomy on one year ago) relieves my pain - get this - better than a percocet. incredible. It's got to be muscle related.

Also, have you tried tiger balm on your muscles? Or Biofreeze before bed especially? they help a lot.

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