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Alright, I'm not to sure if it is sciatica or a pinched nerve and I just wanna make sure.
First I had some lower back problems in which i went to physiotherapy for, it wasn't a terrible pain it was more of a discomfort which hindered me when playing baseball (batting) and martial arts (kicking). But the physiotherapy helped and it went away.
A year later I had a numbness that went down from my butt, hip and my hamstring. It was pretty bad and sometimes kept me from sleeping. Went back for physiotherapy saying it was my hamstring but this time it didnt really help.
Now it's been another year, and I still have the numbness/discomfort going down my right side of my body. It isn't painful at all, just really irritating cuz it makes my right side feel very weak sometimes. Stretching doesnt help too much and sometimes can aggrevate it more. The discomfort is mostly on my hamstring right under the butt, but it does radiate down through my whole leg. My lower back also feels weak. Also theres a very slight tingling on my upperback and through my arm too.
I'm not sure what to do, it can get very irritating at times and I want to get rid of it totally. And it only affects the right side of my body.

Any information or anything will help thanks.
BTW im only 17 if that makes any difference

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