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Re: IDET surgery
Jul 19, 2005
The first few weeks are terrible. I stayed in bed for two-three weeks then started to venture out into the living room, back yard and such. The third week I started water therapy, light weight stuff that me feel like I was 100 years old. The next several months were nothing but walking and stretching.

My doctor told me that "most" patients have "break thru" recoveries during their 4th month. He explained that after the 4th month, most patients have a 2 week period where they experience rapid improvement. I never experienced this, my improvement was very slow and didn't start until after the 5th month. My nickname at rehab was "redline" because I always pused it to the limit (after the 5th month). Sometimes I would go too far and end up on my back for three days. That would cause a set back, but I would slowly work back and continue to increase my exercises.

When I was in my 20's and 30's (and up to 45) I would run most every day. I was not the fastest, but I could run 8 min miles allllllll day long. I would "abuse" exercise so that I could eat anything and remain thin.

I strongly recommend andol-gel. This testosterone gel will not only greatly improve your recovery time, it will help restore your testosterone levels that are leached out of your body by narcotics (vicoden, oxy/roxy contin, perc's, etc) that we take for pain management. It will help (to say the least) with your attitude/outlook and give you the energy that you need to recover. Don't take no for an answer from your doctor. I went from walking on the treadmill to jogging within three weeks from the start of my andro-gel. I also started on the weights shortly after the andro-gel. My first day I could not bench one wheel (135lbs). Now, I can do sets of 25 reps with one wheel as a warm up!

At 12 weeks I was the same as you!!!!! Stick with it, you've got another 6-8 weeks of walking and stretching before you start on the stairmaster/elyptical machines. Then, with the help of the andro-gel, your off to the races...Stay in touch and good luck..

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