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I have some scar tissue from back surgery like everybody else and am trying to figure out if this pinchy, "feels like something is stuck in my spine feeling" is due to scar tissue or the bad disk or the damaged nerve or a tight muscle. Have I left anything out? Grin.

it's so hard to know what is causing our pain, you know? and what to do for it.

Doctor said latest MRI showed moderate scar tissue and said it was normal. And I know that's normal with these surgeries. Had a miscrodisectomy to L4/L5 a year ago. Had some bumpy scar tissue at the top and bottom of the small incision and have rubbed most of that out. Doctor and therapist said to rub on it. it was weird because one day I had a big lump and the next day it was gone. must have just broken up and moved or disintegrated? Anyone else have that happen? Overnight? the therapist and I had been pushing/rubbing on it to break it up.

Tonight it's driving me nuts. It's a grabbing sensation as if something is pinched and stuck in my spine and nothing relieves it. Do you get this? I did notice that after the surgery, my spine has never felt loose again, but tight as if something is glomed together right in or near the spine. I've heard others on here also mention they have that tight feeling always after surgery which is reason enough to avoid surgery if possible.

Also, this pinchy glomy feeling is more surface, not real deep, so I'm thinking scar tissue.

it feels like something is IN the spine now, or on top of it at least, I guess it's not that deep, hard to tell, and it must be scar tissue. It's an icky alien feeling and quite uncomfortable though rarely too painful unless I do a lot of activity.

Mostly it's just tight and glomy as if something is in there now and it's not hardware! Can't image what THAT feels like!

I'ts not always this bad. I did do a lot of activity today, so it's flared up. My whole spine feels kinda sore from bouncing in the boat. Got an ice pack on it. And doing some arm stretches. Do you find arm stretches seem to help? They do for me as i find I get tight not just in the lower back but in the mid and upper too.

Does this pinchy thing feel like scar tissue or muscle? Or could it be the nerve acting up? Or just the bad disk? Sometimes i think it's muscle and it will go away (those darn muscles to either side of the spine get so tight now!)whereas before the surgery on the herniated disk, the pinchy never went away and I couldn't lift an 8 oz glass of water without shooting pain to my spine. that is gone. I know the disk is bad still and may always cause pain according to the doctor, but I just was curious if this sounded like disk, nerve, or scar tissue and if this drives anyone else nuts because it feels like something in there.

I had damage to the nerve too, like many of you, so how on earth, if you figure in muscles too, can we figure out what is causing what pain??? Do you drive yourself crazy trying to discern the difference? But don't we have to because each thing requires a different treatment.

Sorry, it's night time, I'm hurting and can't sleep as usual, and everything feels overwhelming as if there are no answers.

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