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Bruised Spine?
Jul 21, 2005
Hey all, first time posting here and I was hoping that some can help. I've had these symptoms since January and they are not getting any better, but not getting worse either. In January, I was playing a hockey game as a goalie and for no apparent reason at all, my upper back right around where my back and neck meet had a sharp pain. Over the course of a few weeks, it got better but to this day, it still feels like that part is bruised. I'm not sure if it is a bruise but when I checked the symptoms, it seems like it was either that or whiplash but I can't be sure. It only hurts in that one spot and there is no sharp pain shooting down my spine or in my neck and no tingling anywhere and no severe headaches either.

I continue to do day to day activities including playing hockey 2-3 times a week (though for the summer, I have put it down to 1 time a week). I do find it difficult to make certain movements suddely or lift over a certain amount. I recently had a layoff between seasons and when I was not playing, my back didn't hurt as much and I did some rehab exercises and it felt better. Unfortunately, I was not able to stick with those exercises. I have not had a chance to see a doctor either. My mother had chronic back pains, but when she died in December we discovered her back pains and what she thought was siatica was really a brain aneurysm that burst on her. I had a CT Scan done in November after a concussion I received and doctor told me my brain was normal (well, except for me being a bit looney.. but aren't we all? :) )

Can anyone offer any insight as to what it may be or lead me in the right direction to diagnos symptoms like this? WebMd and other medical places I go to do not have any real takes on upper back problems, mainly lower back, which I do not have. Does it sound like whiplash or a bruised spine? Or is it something more serious? (hopefully not spinal cancer, though I looked up those symptoms and really have none of them) Thanks!

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