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Pete, I agree with you it sounds like a plan, my injury was orginally WC and I fought with them so long that I ended up with the permanant damage, I had 2 bulging disc and tears at the L4/5 and L5/S1, I did all the ESI injection, had nucleoplacty, Aqua thearpy, a chiro , nerve blocks, 2 discograms, the list just goes on they wanted to do a idet at one point and thank goodness my ins. denied it for that I am grateful.
This has all been going on for 6+ yrs and finally I had a EMG done this is a test where the nerves and muscles are checked it's not a really bad test anyway it will show if the nerves are being pinched in your lower spine and if they are it will show how bad the damage is, if you are having a lot of pain in the hip and leg I would recommend it, are you having any weakness in your leg yet?
I believe a spine specialist is the best way to go though if you can.
Let me know how it goes.

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