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In terms of my situation, it's a little bit serious, because the tumor is 5.5 cm long from bottom of L4-S2 and width wise it spans the entire spinal canal. No room for nerves at all, so they are probably encapsulated within the tumor. My symptoms all along have been low back pain that radiates to the butt and backs of thighs. Periodic pins and needles, numbness, some nausea. Probably not uncommon symptoms, yet mine obviously didn't respond to the first misdiagnosed surgery, never responded to any treatment at all, didn't respond to drugs, are constant and get much worse at night and in supine position.

I would say both of the neuros I have seen this week were quite surprised at the size of the tumor, I could see it in their faces (the doc today I asked if that it a normal sized tumor and he said oh no, that's quite large). Not something they probably run into very often.

Each gave a little bit different treatment protocol, but both said it HAD to come out (as did the spine specialist referring me to the neurosurgeons) They both said it's pretty critical to get it out as soon as possible.

The first neuro has been listed as the top neurosurgeon in the Bay Area (San Francisco) and was a little more conservative in terms of the amount of cutting of spinal bone. Laminectomy, and then cutting thru the dura to get at the tumor. Whatever he couldn't get he would followup with radiation (if he was unable to get it all). He was more conservative about preserving the integrity of my spine, and felt he could get most if not all of the tumor with a laminectomy and if absolutely necessary followup with radiation.

The second one I saw at University of California San Francisco today. He was much more aggressive in terms of the actual surgery to get at the tumor, cuz he said it was so large, and he needed as much access as possible to ensure nerve integrity. So he would do a laminectomy, remove the facet joints, and remove all bone and spinous processes to have full access to the tumor, and then fuse my back...I forget how many levels he said would be needed, either 1 or 2 but maybe 3? He said it was way too large for the cyberknife treatment they have at the University. YIKES.
He said probably a 10% chance of being weaker after the surgery - since I'm a runner and cyclist and trying to make a career change so this all kinda sucks :). He said probably not permanent changes tho. I am not a big fan of fusions...I read of too many failures where the back gets bad again later on.

Decisions Decisions. Neither surgery is a piece of cake, and there's a good amount of risk. Because it's such an aggressive growth, we aren't 100% certain it's benign, yet it's rare for primary tumors to be malignant (altho even benign happen 1 in 100,000).

blah. so, I have to figure out what I want to do, and pretty quickly.
Sorry for the novel, just trying to contribute and help others.

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