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Thanks, moonlight, for your input.

Yeah, my gut was that the epidural idea was a bit too aggressive at this stage and lo and behold the MRI showed much less pathology than my ortho suspected at first, although, yes, there is some foraminal stenosis on a couple of levels.

He suggested, instead of the epidurals, a 6 day course of MEDROL tablets [ prednisone 4mg dosepak] and then wrote me a script for physical therapy. It's day 3 of the pills and already my neck stiffness, spasm and pain has subsided,(for the time being of course).. also no arm tingling since 2nd day... so it'll be PT starting next week 3 times a week for a month for starters. Fortunately I have a health plan that miraculously doesnt put a cap on the amount of PT sessions allowed per year -as long as it's "medically necessary" (so we all know that they'll probably cap me at 12 anyway!) I know this facility and also this particular phys. therapist (who got me out of major frozen shoulder problems 4 years ago...she's amazing), so I know I'll be in good hands.

Big lifestyle changes in store for zuzu that's for sure!

MAJOR postural re-training, strengthening muscle groups that are all out of whack, getting my body back into balance with a proper regular exercise routine etc and of course maintaining this on my own once I "feel better."

Obviously if the physical therapist can't work with me because of pain, [B]THEN[/B] we'll talk epidurals.

Again, thank for your reply...I'll come back if I have more questions!

zuzu xxx
my experience was I did PT, and it helped a little (mind you my area is lumbar) I stopped PT because the pain had mostly gone away, and I would keep doing the things at home, then it got worse again, and my dr said to do the epidural. his reasoning was because I was in pain, the pT couldn't do anything, so the shot would relax the nerve and allow me to work out. The first epidural worked for 4 weeks, then I had a 2nd one and it lasted 1 week, then I decided for surgery (4 weeks post op) and I'm doing fantatic! I needed the surgery though. so my case is a little different then yours, but I have another example- my aunt has severe neck and back pain, to the point she can barely move her arm. she didn't do PT but got an epidural and she is doing great!! they say not to do more then 3 shots a year, and it doesn't work for everyone.
since your pain is "tolerable" I would try PT (but not too long) and if it doesn't work, then I would try the shots.
good luck!!

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