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Re: Pinched nerve?
Aug 2, 2005
hello ajd i do have ddd in L3/L4/L5/S1 and really nothing has changed with me just the classic w/c runaround all i have been told is about the ddd and then a bone scan which showed costochondralitis which is in my chest that really hurts it also causes back pain my neck is as bad as the rest if not worse at times but to my low back symptoms i have low back pain that is into my hips and my left butt and into my grion bad sometimes my left leg bothers me but not all the time seems to be happening more often they have me taking ultram im up to about 7 to 8 a day and when the rain get ready to start it is crazy but they now have back in p/t that i allready have did 4 months of with no changes i have went to a spine dr ortho im going to see him on 8/11 so maybe ill know more then but im not getting my hopes up its been over 8 months with them all acting like theres nothing that bad and telling me i need to quit taking my ultram but i will not b/c im not living in pain no more and the ultram just knocks the edge off it any way but it keeps me from packing myself in ice every day well enough about my sad story what are your symptoms and no one has said anything about si jiont problems but i would love to know more im leaving now to go to p/t so ill get back online in a few hrs thanks for reply i hope we can help each other in know im willing to try anything just to get diagnosed

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