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Hi Everyone,
Well, My Flight leaves next Wednesday instead of Today, a difference in over $1000 for the ticket. I'll still be online though with my Laptop.
Anyway. I need some help.

My lower back & Center of Left Butt Cheek and thigh are so painful I can't stand it. Feels like someone is pulling a rope REALLY TIGHT through the Butt Cheek!

I am taking Duragesic Fentynal Patches now=25mcg every 3 days and 800mg Skalaxin twice a day (Hubby has 50mcg & wants me to take them, even asked the PM without me knowing it, But I told him no, He's had them 8 months and never even opened them, but they are his, not mine).

However the pain only has gotten worse.

My New PM says it's Muscle Spasms from doing too much (packing, etc).

When I lay on my stomach in bed, I can't move or get back up on my own.

I know from my EMG that there is a Pinched Nerve at the S1 & L5 where the Surgery was done.

I know they think it can be massaged out, but it is getting ALOT WORSE!!
I understand LadyBird says it will get worse before it gets better. I am willing to accept that. But the pain is moving up to the mid back now.

The Airline has a wheelchair waiting for me at each Terminal and will take me onboard as well.

I told my Surgeon that when I return from Montana, it will have been 4 months from the last Surgery and when I return I want another X-Ray done, just to be sure and possibly talk to him about getting the pressure OFF this nerve!

I used to be able to feel the screws all the time (with my finger). Now I can't even find them. PM says it is very swollen back there and that is why.
I had to stop walking the mile a day on the treadmill since it DID cause spasms and it had gotten ALOT worse.
Tomorrow I am going to try again and start out slower this time.

I am using ICE, ICE, & more ICE.

Am I too worried and not getting enough rest? PM mentioned I need ALOT of R & R before boarding that plane.
Is everytime I yell OWWW a Spasm? Cause this is nothing like the spasms I used to get after the surgery.

Maybe my Nerves are shot from being a first time flyer and with Panic Attacks to boot! Maybe I am causing this pain myself, is it possible???

I need some advice, anything, Please!! From reading this, am I doing this to myself? Stress maybe? Has anyone ever had a Nerve UNPINCH itself?

BTW=LadyBird, I was Thrilled when I found your post and read how good you are doing now. Maybe you can give ME some advice now!

Thank's Guy's, And sorry for the Complaining & the Book.
hi stardust. It has been a while since I have posted, and I am so sorry to read that you are having these problems. Breaks my heart, though I am happy you are heading off to Montana. You'd asked if a nerver could unpinch, and yeah, they can. Remember I had one in my neck? Well, I had that ESI (the second one) and then another emg a few months later and the nerve was no longer pinched. So, I have been much better, though not complelety happy with my neck, but not so bad life is on hold. I am going to start school in a week and will work through my muscle pain with manual therapy, learn some relaxation and maybe even look into accupuncture. You know, your piriformus muscle may be partly to blame too, for these spasms and such. It hurts like a B**** to rub it out, but man, it feels better after. Flying and this trip probably aren't helping things either though. You have endured so much this year-I just hope this trip gives you some much needed R&R.
I am going to start a thread just to say how I am doing. I wish I could help you out more, but I can't. All I can do is wish you well and hope this trip is nice for you.

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