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I know one of them was a Transforaminal Lumbar Epidural Steriod Injection and not sure of the others. I got 4 injections in all. It wasn't too bad. I drove home fine but I was very sore last night. This morning is better.

I was dx'd with bilateral S1 and L5 RAD as well as right L4 RAD. The Dr. mentioned something about getting relief right away and then something about 12 hrs afterwards. I assume he meant the local anesthetic will work immediately but the cortisone kicks in after 12 hrs. I recently developed burning pain in my right big toe but it's still on and off. Even this morning I feel it. Also, I've had numbness in my left pinky toe and an area of my right heel. I could've sworn that I was getting some feeling back when I was touching it in the early morning hours but now it feels numb again. Is it a gradual or sporadic healing, like one step ahead, one back with nerve damage? Should I give it (numbness and burning) more time or write this off as a waste. I really thought I was feeling something in those numb areas too! I'm supposed to see him in 2 wks so maybe it takes awhile. He didn't mention anything about mulitple injections.

Also I have some disc desiccation in my thoracic area and have had sporadic muscle spasms there for 20 yrs. which have gotten worse. That and the numbness sent me to a neurologist and now the spine surgeon. Is there an epidural that would work for the thoracic area? I have frequent tingling and occasional spasms there that PT didn't help.

Thanks for any tips!!!

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