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Hi everyone....just a question...Does anyone have problems with pain going down their arms as well as legg from upper back pain? I have pain in my middle/upper back area. When it is full blown it hurts to take deep breaths even. I had a whiplash injury a few years agao and have trouble with my neck. I can only explain it as being in the area of when you bend your head back. The part that bends it is slightly lower than that and alittle to the left side. Hurts to put pressure on it.

I had a nerve test done 4 years agao after the accident in my left arm and everything was good.

Lately my neck has been hurting in that area and sometimes when I move my shoulders or neck a certain way I feel something actually move there. It dosen't last long. However I get the feeling that if it did it would not be pleasent.

Also I have pain that goes down my arm and into my left legg as well.

I have had pain in my upper middle back area off and on for maybe 15 years. My first attack I did actually think I was having a heart attack. I took flexeril and heating pads off and on for about a week and it went away.

At it worse I can't even sit for very long. The really only postiion that doesn't hurt as much is standing. Laying, sitting all causes pain.

Sorry this got long. I just am wondering if there is soemhting more going on with me this time.

My arm pain comes and goes depending what Im doing. Feels muscluar . Even if my neck and back arnt hurting as much Im still having the arm pain.

Or maybe this is all stress related...............
Thanks eveyrone
I stumbled upon this post-not sure if I "belong". I am sure most of you had read my posts, and sadly for me, no one seems able to offer a single word of thought or advice or something. (on this particular issue anyway). If you have read them you know I suffer from bad muscle spasms all over my upper back, shoulders and neck. I have a small herniation at C5-6, but was told that is not the problem, while at the same time, no one wants to figure it out. I started wondering if there was some thoracic problems, but I have yet to see any problems related to muscles.
I have tried PT, didn't work. TENS, didn't work, Ibuprofen/Actometaphin, doesn't work. I tried ESI, heat/cold, BOTOX-and yet nada. I have some pain that might go down the outside of my left arm, and sometimes the side of my left forearm, but not all the time. If I look down, I get tingly across my upper back (base of neck, and traps area). I don't have fibro, been checked for that. I just really don't know. I am stuck in a city that has no good GOOD drs, and in Vegas I had so many at my disposal. Here, it seems to come down to ONE dr, who I saw for my initial injury in 1999. He misdiagnosed me for two years, ending in my first lumbar surgery, inwhich I am now a year out of my two level lumbar fusion. I have this sore spot, not far above my fusion, like it kinds pokes out, but muscular. Of course I get sciatic stuff a lot but I didn't for a while. I am so confused. I just don't know what to do now. part of me wants a total spine MRI, the other part just wants to try a discogram to see if the herniation IS the problem. I remember my first herniation was small yet it was a problem, so who can really REALLy say? Right? I just don't know. I really could use some advice here. I don't fall into any real category for my pain. Not fibro, not spondylosis, not nerve related, nothing. I could really use some direction here. I would so appreciate it.

Hi.. Tammy here..I am 8 weeks too as we have posted to each other before. I have all sorts of pains in my back and hips, etc.. since the surgery. Most of them I don't put a lot of thought to, because I assume they are post surgery pains and nerve phantompains. They come and go, and some stay and are aggrevating. Some is the nerves I think sending pain here, there. Others is doing things differently post surgery, using muscles differently than before surgery to compensate for the surgery, and also over use or strain of some muscles how working overtime since the surgery.

My shoulders don't hurt, but my neck gets stiff from time to time, my arms ache, my knees get to aching sometimes, like they have a migraine. My upper back muscles have been real sore the last few days.. and real tight too, and I think that is from driving to work..long long drive to work two days this week, which is 1st time back. BUT, Now i am having sciatic pain on both sides.. and doc is thinking might be L5.. bulging disc (which I had pre-surgery, but he decided to leave it alone) now causing trouble, but is really too early to know yet, because the fusion was just done.

Have you started PT yet? My doc just ordered it to help,and he has perscribed to put me on celebrex.. to help with swelling I have been having. So I hope this works and that it's not the L5 disc. I have a new job about to start.. and I can't be out of commission before I even start this job.. it's too important to get this job.

I hope you are doing better. Stay the course.. be patient and if your pain gets too aggrevating.. check it out with your doc and maybe try different things to make you more comfortable while your body heals from the surgery. It takes time.. and the more I read.. the more I realize this is not a quick repair job and takes a good year to get things really healing well and then some.

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