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Hi , not sure if any of you guys are still following this post, but would love to hear from you all. I have tried doing research without much luck on the thoracic region. Anyway I recently had a full spine xray done as I had been getting pins and needles ( numbness ) in my hands and feet along with chest pains etc. I have had what I would call a bad back for years, but just always put it down to being pregnant and having 2 babies in the past just over 2 yrs. I am hoping that someone can tell me what the following means ? I have been told arthritis ( sp ) but not totally sure. Anyway this is what the report said as follows -----
FULL SPINE: Lumbar disc height is reasonably maintained. No significant end plate degenerative changes. No spondylolisthesis. There is sclerosis related to the sacroiliac joints consistent with degenerative changes at these articulations.
Minor medial joint space narrowing of the hips.
Thoracic spine demonstrates end plate irregularity and small anteriorly projecting osteophytes in the mid to lower thoracic region. Thoracic vertebral body height is maintained.
Cervical disc height normal. Cervical alignment normal. No significant cervical degenerative change seen.
What my doctor has said to me in a nutshell is that, 2 of my vertabrae in the thoracic region are rubbing which has caused small spurs to grow. These are niggling away at nerves and muscles. All I know is I am sick of being terrified of this numbness etc. I have convinced myself I am about to have a heart attack or stroke :( Can any of you tell me if you have also had the numbness and pins and needles etc ? This has been in all different areas of my body. Is there anyway I can fine out exactly what parts of the body that the thoracic region control ? I musnt be putting in the right words in a search engine :( I understand that you cant give me links to other web pages, but even just help with the wording would be great. Hope to hear from others soon. thanks in advance :)

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