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lower lumbar results need help reading this mri,

My doctor, said I had ddd and arthritis. now I just got the witten report.
it says ...

Findings: There is normal alignment to the lumbar spine. There is normal signal intensity within the distal cord. The conus is slightly lowlying ending at the l2 level. The cord is being tethered by a fatty filum.

Desiccated discs are seen at the l4-5 and l5-s1 levels showing decrease in height and water content. In addition there is some high signal in the posterior aspects of the discs suggestive of annual tears.

t12-L1 through the l3-4 levels are unremarkable.

the L4-5 level shows a diffuse disc bulge with a more focal central protrusion. Overall it is causing moderater to severe effacement of the thecal sac. The neural foramen are patent and the facet joints are unremarkable.

The L5-s1 level shows a diffuse disc bulge with a more focal right paracentral protrusion. It is slightly touching the ventral aspect of the desending right S1 nerve root. In addition the diffuse bulge is causing mild narrowing of both neural foraman and is slightly touching the ventral aspect of the exiting right L5 nerve root..

Degenerative disc disease at the L4-5 and L5-s1 levels as described.

Is this why Im in such pain and what does it mean? Thanks
Bulging disc may not pain at all......annular tear may give no pain at all. By the same token a muscle spasm can give severe pain.

Most of the adult human race have bulging discs. Many herniated discs are discovered by accident when tests are performed for other conditions and the herniations are causing no problems. The level of pain is determined by the amount of nerve irritation or compression. The level of pain is not an indication of the severity of the back problem. So as you can see there is no answer to your question.

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