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Hi Abrie,

I'm so sorry to hear about the herniation. Did you know that you had another herniation? I still have back pain after my microdisc too, and I tend to lie here thinking that I reherniated the disc. The back pain is still there, mostly when I sleep at night and when I first get up in the morning. I just don't know what is recovery pain (it has been four weeks), what is inflammation pain, and what could be another herniation.

What do you think you are going to do? What made you insist on the MRI? Did you have back pain and hip pain?

Please keep us updated on your plans. My thoughts are with you.

Hey, its my fellow stubborn recoverer :) im wondering if my "intimate moment" put me in this situation but probably not, id think it woudl take a little more activity to herniate. No.....I didnt know i was herniated again, the same disk herniated on the opposite side of where the other one did. I had hip pain , horrible hip pain at night and extreme soreness growing as i was recovering..i told my surgeon i couldnt sleep because of it, with that, he ordered new MRI' really have to get on their asses about things or theyll never take you seriously when you complain of pains...he wasnt even about to get me new MRI's till i said i couldnt sleep right before he left. Then i came back for teh follow up without MRI's and talked ot the nurse and told her about teh hip pain asking if it coudl be due to another problem, she told me that it was very unlikely. Well, it wasnt my hip, but it is my back AGAIN and im pretty sure that hip pain is a result from my new herniation or maybe it was already there and he didnt see b/c i dont knw how teh hell i herniated so quicky after that first one and the hip pain started shortly after surgery :/

To answer your question about the pain, its hard to distinguish what is "normal" pain and what means another trip to your doctor. I think if you have severe pain keeping u up or keeping you from sleeping normally (i sprawl a lot with one leg up so my knee is by my chest and one leg extended out and i cant do that on my left hip without pain) It may be a reason to get a new MRI. I feel the same left leg pain but to a lesser degree....but i think that may have to do with the metradose pack they put me on (oral steroids to reduce inflammation) Other than that im not on vicodin which is good b/c i hate the way i felt on it. I cant distinguish between inflammation pain and a new herniation, its bizarre, i have anew herniation but a lot less pain..i guess b/c its in its early stages and hasnt impinged on the nerve enough. I do have to say that this hip pain feels muscular and nerve related and doesnt seem like aggrivated nerve pain but what do i know? I guess the advice i have for you is if you want to be better safe than sorry, get another MRI :)

You may want to wait it out a little longer as some people take a lot longer to recover, its very possible your pain may just be lingering nerve inflammation as a lot of people complain of even excruciating pain after surgery. If you do decide to get another MRI with & without contrast, its more expensive but it shows more b/c they inject you with a certain liquid that basically highlights the whole area being scanned.

My worst problem is like you, in bed at night and the morning...also going to the br, straining puts a lot of pressure on my discs, it can be pretty painful and i have to do a lot. Never get intestinal/bowel problems in conjuction with a back condition, its a painful experience....*sigh*

Keep in touch and may your luck be better than mine.

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