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The impression is a common term used to describe what the mri indicates to the doctor reading it. Usually L4-L5 does not mean two discs it means one disc. L4 is the vertebrae and L5 is the vertebrae the disc lies between. L4-L5 is the level in the lumbar spine that experiences the most stress so it is usually the level that first starts to degenerate in all of us. Normally if there were two levels bulging the report would read L4-L5 and L5-S1. Impression is just the term used on the report. The reading of an mri is never absolute and one doctors impression can differ from anothers hence the term impression.

Please don't get the idea that the size of the bulge determines the amount of pain you are in. It doesn't. Bulges exist in people with no pain. Perhaps there are tears undetermined or not. If you are progressing with [B]less[/B] pain than when you first injured yourself you are probably on the mend. Usually predominant leg pain that is progressing and or with weakness warrents further investigation. Just take it easy and try not to do anything to jeopardize your progress. We all know when we are doing things that stress our back so please just don't do it.

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