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Lower back pain
Aug 28, 2005

I'm hoping someone has had this problem before and can diagnose me; help is beyond appreciation..

A couple weeks ago, I sat on a friends couch in a weird position as the couch didnt have cushions on the neck was leaning against the back of it and my butt on the bottom cushion.

After about an hour...i got a HUGE sharp felt like a slow pulse because the pain kept coming and feeling worse and worse...even after i changed into good posture.
So I left on my mountain bike...only a little over a mile bike ride...but on the way i had to go down a breaks...jumped off, landed on feet, but i felt a crack and fell to ground...thats where all this pain really started...
I'm not a very smart person when it comes to 'keeping it cool/relaxing'...
My back was messed up...but regardless, i decided to be active the next day, ride bike, lift a wooden bed up 2 flights of stairs (which didnt fit so i was squeezing it through so hard, bending the wood, just to fit it)...

The next day I layed in my bed on my back for 18 hours....without being able to sleep because i was in too much pain...finaly slept a couple hours..woke up even worse.

So i went to the doctors and 'at-the-time' my upper back was he only helped me with that...which the pain up there hasnt come back...but my middle/lower is hell again after riding my bike once....

It was fine for a week...I was swimming/playing frisby camping,etc. But it had to come back 'right' after riding my bike.. :confused:

, and I refuse to deal with doctors again unless i know that its something serious...Feels like it gets worse the longer i wait in a waiting room.

Im unable to look down, it feels like my spine is splitting in 2, i cant lean over/down...hurts to much (but ive been trying to take a bit of pain and stretch slowly....definitely not helping it seems)...Been trying to use good posture everywhere, but its not exactly getting better.
Im having some constipation problems...not sure if thats involved.

Last note, ive tried sleeping on my side...nothing better. I walk slow, if not...ow..sitting even gets extremely uncomfortable, no matter what posture.

I feel so paralyzed, not being able to really do anything...and this pain got better slowly then came back....however...Im interesting as to what it is...

Sorry for the long post...


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