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Re: Paralysis
Sep 1, 2005
[QUOTE=feb17cancun]I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what feelings u get when u get feeling back. My best friend was in a bad car accident about a month ago and she cant feel below her waist. she had trama to her neck and back. but now she says she can feel a mild tingling and she says ur butt hurts when she sits on it for a long time. and the therapist stretched her legs the other day and she said she ould feel her hamstrings and she can fell when her legs are hot and cold vaguely. im not sure if ppl paralyzed from the waist down can feel anything at all or whatever. she still can move her legs but someone plz let me know symptoms of getting feeliong back.[/QUOTE]


I was temporarily paralyzed when I had facet joint injections in 1998. The doc who did the test injected the medications too quickly and the pressure it created bruised my spinal cord. I immediately could say that my legs felt tingling as though they were asleep. When I attempted to get off the table, the nurse slung my legs around and told me to slide off the table. I fell onto the floor like a sack of grain as I had absolutely not control of the legs. By the time they loaded me into a wheel chair and sent me to the garage to be loaded, when they attempted to load me, although I could not feel my legs, I watched as they were like soft rubber, bending this way and that as I was put into the car.

Made it back to my town, as the doc that did the test said it would leave in a couple of hours, just like your deadened tooth when you've been to the dentist. However, instead I lost all feeling as well as lost control of all lower bodily functions, so was taken back to the hospital.

Now, in time the tingling increased and I did begin regaining some movement. But, while in the hospital the PT's moved my legs and had me attempting to stand with the aid of a walker. It's really strange, but although I couldn't control the legs, couldn't stand alone, the exercises they did of simple movements and the attempts to stand using the walker were extremely painful. I'm one tough old bird, but it was painful enough that I cried. Maybe from fear, maybe partly pain, but I also realized that if I was feeling pain then maybe I was healing and would again be walking. That was right.

Hopefully, your friend has suffered only a bruised spinal cord and nothing permanent. Not to make "only" a minor thing, because it isn't, but to use it more as a sign of hope.

What I had to do was search for a new doctor, as it was not until I was paralyzed that I realized that there was more than orthos and neuros, but truely I needed what I now know is a spine specialist! It took seeing about 10-12 before I found the one that I knew was extremely great and it was well worth the search.

I've had eight spine surgeries, with the last one being a 10 level fusion, running from T10-S3. I walk, I can work in my yard and flowers, I can maintain my home, and care for my senior mother. Had I stayed with the general ortho and general neuro's I had I doubt that I could say that today. Having a spine specialist, one who dedicated all his time to just the spine, who is up on the newest techniques, and takes time (I'm not talking 8 minutes) with his patients, is willing for the patients to ask lots of questions, and is willing to listen to what the patient has to say to understand what they are feeling, fearing, etc., has meant the great success that has returned me to an active life. Not that I don't have some limitations, but I can adjust to minor inconveniences and enjoy the relief of extreme pain and restrictions.

Your friend is lucky to have someone who cares. Hope my recovery will give them additional hope, and if I can answer any questions, don't hesitate to post a note to me.

Best wishes to you both.

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