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Cannot imagine why your doc is willing to do surgery if you are not in major constant pain, especially for Grade 1 spondelythesis. Were I in your position, especially without constant major pain, I would be running away from that doc, as fast as I could.

Two points: Many docs believe that fusion adds stress to adjacent levels, although all doc's are not in agreement. Just if it is a proven, then why rush into a fusion that might cause other problems, especailly if you are not in horrific pain.

Secondly, if you needed only a single level fusion, a good spine specialist (whether ortho or neuro) who is totally dedicated to working on spines should have and likely would have suggested either an artifical disc replacement or Dynesys flexible fusion instead of a fixed fusion.

Truly, I recommend that you consider seeing a true spine specialist instead of jumping into surgery at this point. Spine specialist are indeed surgeons, but my spine specialist has been absolutely wonderful about working through all types of preventative actions to try to avoid surgery. Only when my pain levels were so great that as he said, he didn't know how I was tolerating the pain and only when the spondylesthis was so bad that I was in danger of severing my spinal cord or doing other permanent damage has he insisted that the time had arrived that surgery was necessary.

Sure hope you will consider the things all the posters have told you and find yourself a better doctor, and I do hope you will seek a spine specialist. If you don't know how to find one, use the advanced search feature of this board and I have a post titled "how to find a spine specialists in your area".

Best wishes and do let us know what you decide.

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