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I had my fusion last year and it failed. Now pain is worse than before and my legs are extremely painful. Both my surgeon and a neurosurgeon have said that I need to have the fusion corrected, as well as fusion the 2 levels above (spinal stenosis is now shown in that area). My surgery has been postponed, because the W. Comp Dr. needs more information. His report states:

"I reviewed AP lateral x-ray of lumbar spine. Pedicle screws are present at L4 and L5. Alignment of the lumbar spine is normal. I see no evidence of posterior lateral bone formation and no evidence of inter body bone either. There may be some loosening of the screws but it's indeterminate on the x-rays.

I have not seen preoperative MRI's. I would only recommend surgery if she has clear instability documented on preoperative studies.

Many of her symptoms are consistent with a pseudoarthrosis in the absence of gross instability."

1. "I see no evidence of bone formation and inter body bone..." Does that mean he did not see a fusion?

2. "clear instability documented on preop. studies..." What would be evidence of instability? I have DDD, herniated discs, stenosis, Arthritis of facet joint, sciatica, mild scoliosis and garde1 spondylolthesis. Are any of these instability or does it depend on something else?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Lorie :angel:

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