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Thank You for answering.
When I first began with these people (only the 2nd one in town, within an hours drive).
They told me of all the things they were going to try including accupuncture (that was back in July), but all they do is Trigger Point on Tuesdays and Massage Therapy on Thursdays and nothing else.
No meds for BT pain, nothing.
They are the ones who did the EMG test and even though I did not tell him where the surgery was yet, he informed me I have a pinched nerve at the S1 & L5, at that point I yelled (BUT THAT'S WHERE THE SURGERY WAS!!)
He shook his head yes.
There is no other pain specialist within an hours drive or PM either.
I don't remember when I had my last MRI, I believe it was this past spring.
But Tuesday I am going to request a CT Scan to see how pinched it really is or if it moved.
But I don't know what to do after that. I can have him send a copy to the surgeon, but it won't do any good, because it's not his problem. I need to find a Neuologist on Monday.
They don't do PT, they do the Trigger Point and the Massages and I was told to do the PT on my own at home and gave me a paper with the pictures on it.
There [U]IS[/U] one person here in town, it is called the "Spine Institute", their ad says they do CT Scans, MRI's and deal with pinched nerves. BUT, I would have to stop all pain meds, cause they think they are GOD and can fix anything, not to mention there is NO Neurologist in that office.
Maybe this will help, This is what thier ad says and they are right down the road:

[B][U]St. Johns Orthopaedic & Spine Institute[/U][/B]
Neck & Back Surgery
Tumor/Trauma Surgery
Hand Surgery
Nerve Releases
Arthroscopic Surgery Hip & Knee Replacement
Sports Injuries
Ankle & Foot Surgery
Second Opinions
Fractures/Soft Tissue

Healing through CARING, X-Ray on Premises

Board Certified in Orthopaedic & Fellowship & Trained in Spine Surgery.

[B][U]BUT, there are 3 offices, one being down the road from me, and there is only 1 guy doing all this![/U][/B]

That sounds scary.

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