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I went to my Pain Management and they saw how the Sciatica is now in both legs and hips, back, ect. all the way to the toes now, and burns down the outside of both legs every night.

I do my Massage Therapy & Trigger Point Injections as usual 3 times a week now, but the pain is unbearable. My back locks up and I cannot get off the table due to the pain. 2 days are Massage Therapy and 1 day is Trigger Point.
I am on Fentynal 50, but my PM doesn't believe in BT pain meds. He wants to change me to the Methadone in a month (anyone know which is REALLY BEST?)

I requested an MRI, and I see the PM on Tuesday to go over the results. In the meantime I called my Surgeon and told him what was going on. He had me come in. and was shocked at the MRI and did X-Rays and isn't telling me something. In the MRI Film you can see one of the screws is pushing through the disk and is very dark black where it is applying pressure against the side of it.
He said it is one of 3 things.

1) Instead of Scar Tissue, he said: [U][B]Granular Formations[/B][/U], I don't know what this is but he said it can push nerves into the hardware and other places.

2) Infection-But I don't have a fever or anything.

3) A Pinched Nerve (my first guess)

He is doing another MRI Monday in his office using Dye, but can't get me a return appointment until October 11th to go over the results.

Anyone know what this is? and why would the left side sciatic move to both sides within a week?

Thank's in Advance,

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