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I am hoping someone migh thave an idea what this pain may be derived from.

I have been working out very regularly for two weeks now, on my third week, walking a few times a day, and have had no problems. But however Monday of this week I started feeling lower bank pain. Almost like a pinched nerve.

Since then, this pain has moved to the right side, more in my hip and doesn't seem to really travel or be a "shooting" pain. However it is brought on my stepping down on my right leg as though my hip is jarred or it is catching. It had worsened last night but after using a heating pad resided greatly. All day today I didn't feel it. However after walking my dogs for over a mile, I came home and it began to hurt again. Same pain, from teh same walking motion.

Does this sound like something related to Sciatic nerve? Because it does not shootd own my leg, and doesn't seem to be in my lower back anymore, its hard for me to determine.

Any guesses? I will mention the pain is annoying and last night became much more uncomfortable. I have not yet been in tears due to the pain as its not yet that extreme. Originally it started as only an annoying dull ache. Any thoughts on this greatly appreciated! Thanks

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