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[QUOTE=jaccrash]Hi! I just came home from meeting with my spine surgeon. He wants me to consider FUSION with anterior approach using the Infuse Bone Graft/LT-CAGE Device. It would be placed at L4/L5.

I am currently in the appeal process for insurance to cover ADR - but this is the only alternative that my doc recommends.

I would love to get feedback from anyone who has had this procedure done - SUCCESS or otherwise.

Thanks to all who post on this board - it has been a big help - knowing I am not alone in the world of back pain ;-)

Hi, can we ask what is the dx?

Fusions with cages or rods and screws which I had are great depending on the actual problem. My fusion was successful, it was for herniated and bulging disks due to Scoliosis-curvature of the spine.

My twin sister had both C6-C7 and L4-L5 fused (separate surgeries w/2 different surgeons.) She had a ruptured disk at L4-L5 during the first cervical fusion. So in for another fusion with a Orthopedic Surgeon, that didn't work (do to existing nerve damage.) So an additional surgery was done to place a battery operated device in attached to the spine. It's supposed to act as a nerve block, pulsating electro stimulants activity down the spine into the Sciatica and down the legs lessening the pain.

That hasn't helped either, she has permanent damage and is in a lot of pain.

Please consider a 2nd opinion with a Neuro-Surgeon if you have a disk needing removed or any nerve damage. Then cross check all your options.

I am not ditsing on an Orthopedic Surgeon, mine was the best. The back and neck pain along with nerve zaps and tingling down my arms wasn't permanent. With surgery and physical therapy for my muscles it was successful. I think it really depends what the back problem is, and what would be the best treatment available for it.

Wish you the best, uvm

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