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A little background... A month or so ago I started exercising again more regularly (trying to drop some weight). This included getting up at 5am to walk on the treadmill and walking again a second time in the afternoons. Each time roughly 45 minutes.. various inclines etc.

Well one afternoon an hour or so after one ofm ywalks my lower back began to ache. When I stepped down and almost as a small pinched nerve. This later transferred to my right hip. An uncomfortable pain but nothing I could not live without and some what better after motrin. I took a week off of walking and exercising to give my legs a rest. Thinking I had strained a muscle.

It seemed to disappear so I'd go back to walking. Yet its reoccurred again. And more recently it seems to be primarily lower back pain (tailbone area). Yesterday I had no pain until late evening (spent the day only doing house cleaning) and now today it is uncomfortable to sit, or walk.

It is not so painful that I can't bare it, nor am I in tears from the pain. It is uncomfortable and bothersome though. Does this sound like something I shoudl str etch? (as it does feel stiff) or should I see a doctor? I have hopes I can simply "rest up" and let the strain heal itself.. Any suggestions?

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