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Well today I was sent to yet another doctor this time a back specialist (a week before my EMG) my nerve doctor felt it was best for me to see a skelton psychitratist (sp?) doctor to get to the bottom of my back problems and all I have to say is [B]PRAISE THE LORD[/B]. (betcha didn't think I was going to say that..)

He was honest with me. He told me that I have Failed Back Surgery Syndrome or in lameman terms a failed fusion. Even though I am only 4 months post op my fusion is a failure. After hearing of my history and my many surgeries and tests he said I need to take stock in the healthcare industry I told him I know. He said that surgery is not my answer. There is nothing else that they can fix. He said that we are now going to try and manage my problem. [B]FINALLY[/B].

I have been trying to get someone to manage my problem forever. I already knew I couldn't be fixed I have rapid DDD meaning my discs degenrate at a very rapid rate. I have very little cartlidge in my back and my spine is very kidding surgery can't help me. But still the 3 surgerons I have seen all thought that was the fix so 3 surgeries later I'm in the same place with nothing to show but scars and irratation.

Anyhow this doctor is very sympathetic. He is taking over my PM and my care. He gave me a tens unit, lydocaine patches and in the next week he will be switching my pain meds over to long acting medicine. [B]FINALLY[/B]. He will also be starting me on sports therapy, water areobics and helping me to manage my life with this problem [B]FINIALLY[/B]. One step at a time of course. He said he is going to be very methodical about my care FINALLY. I have been begging for this forever and no one was interested in helping me manage my pain and problems. I already knew this was going to be a lifetime issue for me and was prepared to handle it as such just didn't know how.

I also have an issue with my scorloiacic joint because of my failed fusion that is causing a host of problems but I am lucky enough to have one of the worlds for most experts (no kidding) working in the same office as this doctor - he is actually in Germany excepting some major award and giving some major speech on it Luck me! [B]God is watching out for me today[/B]!!!

I wish I would have found him before my fusion surgery although I'm sure I would have been pointed in that direction anyway as the disc needed to be taken out and I am better than before surgery. I am STILL glad I did the fusion and it wasn't half as bad as I expected it to be. And it led me to this doctor. IN THE END IT WAS WORTH IT! But I as so thankful that finally someone was honest with me and willing to take me on and say listen I can't fix you but I can help you manage it day to day. Again PRAISE THE LORD!

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