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What is a spinal cord stimulator and how well do they work. My husband had leg pain and just had a mylegram which showed that the nerve has room. The PT now wants him to see someone in pain manegement regarding a spinal cord stimulator. Thanks for any advise/information :confused:
Hi, First let me say if you go to the top of the forum and do a threrad search on "spinal cord stimulators" you will get a lot of threads here that it has been talked about and may help to answer a lot of your questions, that way you can get a much broader answe then just from those of us who might see your post.
I had one implanted eqarlier this year but I had complications and had to have it removed even after having a revision done.
I believe I saw ina previous post of your it's for your husbands legs mine was also as I have permenant damage to the S1 nerve what it is they impant the leads in your T-sopine and the battery(generator) in the butt check and you have a remote to work the areas and the degree os stimulation you want, each person says a different feeling for me it felt more like a vibrations others say tingleing and it doesn't stop the pain or make you better it onle fools the brain in to feeling the stimulation and not the pain.
It has worked for many but there is so many things to consider it is a major choice to make and there can be problems but then if it works for you it's great, mine only worked for a very short time but when it did it was great.
Also good insurance helps as it is expensive and most have to have a physological profile done before the implant.
Good luck and I hope your husband gets help son, I know how the pain is.
I've just had the implant done this week. It's been a slow prosess but things are looking beter. Where I had it done they won't even consider you a canidate until you have had at least one Failed back surgery.
I'm still very sore and having to take pain pills. They feed a lead up the spinal cord & fasten it somehow. Then make the second incision (on me) around front. It has a pulse generator. At present I have several staples holding it together. That's why I'm so sore. There can be lots of follow up visits. I had a medtronics ine put in, Hope this helps you.
fancylady :)

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