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Re: Pain
Oct 31, 2005
you know , Im 36 .I have the same diagnosis as you. they say ddd in l4-l5 l5-s1. both disk are bulged. I started having pain late june after I lifted the front of my lawn tractor. and I havent been the same since. Most days I lay in bed , get up for a while then back in bed, this has been going on for months. one time I felt I was getting better , I raked some grass and next morning I couldnt get out of bed again. When I finally could , I had to stand up with a cane and wait there till this burning sharp pain would fade down tilll I could walk away. I have never been so depressed in my life. I cant tell yuou how physical I was before this happen , I never stood still. Always on the go. I couldnt go walking with my daughter for halloween. I think its all crap. Mostly all my symptoms are in my lower back., it switches sides, goes to the hip..back to the middle and so forth. I only went to pt twice, I take advil. A lot. cant do anything I used to. I used to paint cars , build houses. Just always going, now I feel like the biggest loser . I dont even drive hardly at all. Maybe to go to the store but sitting kills. Like I said I still think its a crap. I mean these bulges I got didnt happen over night. I couldnt have done both by lifting that, or the ddd..I still think everybody has both of them at our age. How do we know these things even cause pain? Just dont believe it all. I have been trying to relate it all to stress. and having my muscles being so tight everyday that I pull em constantly. I mean if it was ddd and bulges . everybody would be done being able to work or live normal lives after thirty. I bought so many books and Im trying to read up on more. I have Dr sarnos tapes and books too. (which makes more sense than most doctors out there ) I mean think about it, these doctors rip into your back , screw you up worse and hope you dont complain after there done, It all what you tell them. They dont know. anyways... Im deathly afraid of the chiro now (I used to go all the time) since this cause when it went out after I lifted that tractor, I had the worst spasm I have ever had in my lower back, I mean I couldnt get up for 2 days. one little move and instant contraction that would make me yell and cry to the point I felt I could not take this pain and was afraid I would pass out. soo Im afraid of chiro cause I still get sharp pains if I move my hip just right and I think after a adjustment I will be in that death pain again. I called my chiro and the secretary say oooooo I bet you pulled it way out , you need to get in here and get it adjusted asap, dont let it heal like that ..... I dont know what to do . See just talking about it brings more pain...... What are your symptoms and are you a stressful person?

wooooooo didnt mean to go on but , it just came out

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