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This past month my neck has been hurting me so much that i'm at the point I want to scream and try and get my surgery on my own. I was hurt at work a year and a half ago. I have herniated discs at C3/4 and C5/6 with 9mm bulge impinging on my spinal cord. I have been having severe nerve pain down my arm and pins and needles down my arm and hand with numb fingers and weakness and fingers that don't work right. I take neurontin 1800mg a day and percocet 10/650 5 times a day. Before w/c stopped paying for my meds I was doing ok because the precription was written every 4-6 hours and I was taking them every 4 hours and I was under control with the pain with some bad times. Now I have my meds mailed from and injured worker pharmacy in another state. the prescription is still written every 4-6 hours but the pharmacy has a turn around time of a week because I have to mail the original prescription from FL to MA. I end up running out before I get them so I have had to cut back on my amount I take every day. Now I'm in pain all the time. In bed with the ice packs and heating pads almost all day. My neck feels like it is getting alot worse or is it that I'm not having enough pain meds to control my pain. I don't know how much longer I can take this and as people on these boards have said going to the ER is a waste of time. Please can anyone help me and give me any ideas of what I might do so I can get back to a somewhat pain free life. I can't do this any more. HELP PLEASE. Sorry for this long post but I have posted so many times about my problems and I haven't been able to get the answers that will help on my problems. I also have a herniated disc in my back that has given me severe pain down my leg and hurts most in my butt and calf. W/C keeps saying that surgery won't work because I'm depressed. Well they are the ones that have made me depressed.

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