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Hello, I have been looking for someone with a fractured screw too. Two years ago I had to fractured screws within 8 mo's. I had lumbar L5-S1 fusion and hardwear with 4 screws put in and they fractured in 3 mo's. I had too have it all removed in August and now I have a lawsuit pending against Medronics. Can you guys find out who was the make of the hardwear that was put in. I had a drastic change within 3 mo's. I had this horrifying sound in my back when I was turning over in bed. It sounded just like twisting a balloon with your hands. It was so loud that my husband could hear it..You need to have a scan/w/contrast. With the contrast(a dye they put in your blood stream) they can see all damaged areas that are lit up. My neuro Surgeon likes me to have Scans instead of MRI'S because he can see my problem areas better he says. Please let me know how things are going, I am very interested how things turn out. Mylograms are also excellant. I have horrible leg pain in both legs and burning and freezing pain in my feet. Both legs and feet are numb. I had a EMG for Periphial Neuropathys but it was negative. And I had about 10 different symtoms of it. They stuck needles in my legs and I couldn't even feel it because my legs are so numb but when they move the needle around I could have and almost did, SMACK HIM so hard and knock him out. It was Hell!!!! Now they want me to try a Spinal Stimulator, but it sounds so invasive and it scares me to death although I have been thru 9 back and neck surgeries I should not be afraid of anything.
Please get back to me if you can.

Deb :wave:

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