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Sometimes, though not very often, I wake up in the night with my tailbone just throbbing. It happened last night and I was almost crying and finally had to take a vicodin to get some relief.

I have mild scoliosis/bad posture because of it, etc so maybe it is affecting my tail bone, but I don't really know what else to do... I have stretches I do, and I do yoga, but I already saw a chiropractor last winter/spring and my parents are still paying off that hefty bill, so I don't know what else to do for my back pain.

My lower back is where the scoliosis is, and that hurts occassionally, but my upper middle back (around the bra line) hurts constantly whether I am sitting or standing. Every time I arch my back it pops and cracks. I have stretches I do from Physical Therapy, apparently I dont' have good mobility in that part of my back, but nothing is helping..

Any ideas about the tailbone pain or other pain?

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