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People who think a little bit of stretching and exercises can cure all that ails them when it comes to their back OBVIOUSLY haven't had the kind of back pain and problems most of us here have.

I can tell you that the television program didn't ask for MY input (or that of anyone else that can claim success). I was paralyzed before my back surgery and now I'm walking again like nothing ever was wrong.

As far as feeling the screws and never know them there. I know I know, some people claim they've felt them, but I really have to wonder. My doc (who is known nationally for his extensive work and teachings of spinal conditions and surgeries) told me he's never known of anyone who could truly feel the screws and rods.

I think what should really be considered is the reason for the fusion in the first place. Some conditions warrant surgery and it's for the doctor and patient to decide between them. If you don't trust your doctor, you shouldn't be going to them in the first place.

One last comment.....back strengthening exercises should be done LONNNNG before the need for sugery occurs. The time to take care of your back is before it hurts.. then the surgery wouldn't even have to enter the picture. For those of us who didn't get that message years ago, we do what our trusted spine specialist recommends. After all - they are the ones who went to school to learn what works and what doesn't.

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