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Well its been 17 days since my Microdiscectomy on L5 S1 to remove a disc fragment lodged against the nerve. As you may have read in prev post after surgery I got very bad pain when I sat or moved to my side while laying down. It was so bad I was really freaked. It had since gotten 50 percent better as I can now sit limited in a kitchen or office style chair with my back straight up. When I stand I have to be real careful. If I twist BAM pain. Also still cant roll to side when sleeping. Now since I have been on my back so much my shoulders hurt and my upper back aches ( Think I pinched nerve in shoulder and seeing Dr about that tomorrow Different Dr). I have been walking 2 miles a day and lower back feels great. Incision is healed up.

My question is. WHEN oh WHEN will this darn sciatic pain go away that happens when when I twist, roll, sit wrong, or shimmy when laying down - so I can sit, Drive, roll over like a normal person ( or Like I could do before I had this surgery)? Dr said couple more weeks, but I am thinking longer and wondered if any of you know. I do not have numbness, tingling or pain. Dr explained it as the disc space needs to compress down to fill in the void where he removed the disc particles. Then the pain will no longer happen upon moving and said a couple more weeks. Does this sound right? I Do feel better since my first post, but I am getting CABIN FEVER and can only stay in my feet so long and sit for maybe 10 minutes. I Do not have Fusion, just a standard Micro D.



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