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Your pain..., the small of your back or the lower left quadrant directly above or below the bladder? The examination of your groin; Was the pain left of the left testicle located directly above? I request you be approximate as you can. I require more direct information if I am to make a worth while opinion as to the cause of your ailment(s). You mentioned your pain becomes much worse upon the flexation of your lower extremities and that this was once only on occasion and that after a month its become worse and more frequent to the point its everyday. I ask; When your stretching is the pain noticeable located in the lumbar region of your (back), or in the lower left quadrant (your left side) as if the pain were located where if one should experience acute pain associated with a bout of significant constipation? I am not asking if your constipated or referencing to the possibility rather trying approximate your pain as accurately as possible. Accuracy in the describing words you chose I believe will afford you a diagnosis much more quickly. If the pain your having feels as if its only located in your lower back and in your opinion very unlikely anywhere else as maybe the areas previously stated above then much can be ruled out. However if in your opinion that your pain could be, or even might be somewhat more posterior to the small of your back (located more towards the front of the body but located in the same area) then we could be looking at a possible digestive issue. How acute is the pain upon stretching? Do you find adding pressure or heat to the lower left side of your gut give you some relief? Are you having watery bowl movements? When does the pain climax and for how long? Is their a time during the day or night when you don't have any pain? After an acute attack with pain do you find lingering or radiating pain at the origin site (is it sore) ? Have you had a lower GI series? If so what were the results? Are your bowel movements consistent (same time of day, everyday?) Are they loose or overly dense? Does your stool float? I understand these question may seem odd however If you could please provide me answers to these it would be very helpful. What medications are you on? Do you have trouble sleeping from sources other than your back pain?

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