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Good Morning All,
I had an appt. with Pain Dr. yesterday, he said the pain from my belly is from the incision healing on the inside, although I have trigger points of pain that I can't stand to touch, he said it would go away, but if still in lot of pain next month he would inject a local around it, sure wish he woiuld have done that yesterday, sure hurts this morning.
Sue, does the pain in your feet seem to be like a burning on the soles of your feet more than just feet hurting from bad shoes? If so That's what mine was and my Chiroprator said all nerve endings are in bottom of feet and your nerves are a mess right now and that's what hurting , the nerve medicine helps some but I still have days when I feel like I'm walking on burning coals, hate it, Have learned to love the days it doesn't hurt. :)
Confused, I've learned not to do too much, no matter who tells you, you have to tell whoever I'M NOT DOING THAT. Sue I'm sure glad our DR'S doesn't beleive in PT.And watch out for those trees.......Ha!
Judy, I'm afraid that your hip pain will hurt because of that bone removal from the hip. I've talked to people,
that have told me that when they take it from your hip like that it hurts lots longer. I've had 3 fusions in the last 7 years and cadaver bones work much better, but I'll think postive for you.
Got to get moving here, going to be windy today for my walks, but oh well. Have a good day everyone :)

Good morning all! Cant believe that I slept all night with no drugs - my body must be in shock :confused:

Talking about PT, my therapist treated me for 6 weeks and didn't realize I had a grade 2 spondy - he saw the incomplete MRI report (didn't note the spondy, just a broad based bulge); didn't request the xray report that noted the slip (the doctors office who did the xrays is 20 feet from the hospital); at the time I didn't know enough about my condtion to argue; I told him I could feel bones grating in my lumbar area when I did the exercises and he told me it must be my hip? like you said, I'm not the expert, but do you think it's okay to strap 10 pound weights on my ankles and do 10 reps of 10 different exercises with a grade 2 spondy??? My body said absolutely NOT! 10 weeks. 25 visits, and how many dollars wasted,....grrrrr....Luckily, they were covered by insurance, but we all pay in the end. Anyway, sorry to get on that rant.......

I'm looking to find a good (ie competant) personal trainer in a few months - I want to do our small-town triathlon in October - 4 mile run (in my case, maybe walk), 5 mile kayak, and 12.5 bike ride. Might be a stretch but it's been the motivation so far....My surgeons are cautiously optimistic i can be ready by October, but they're happy that I'm willing to work to get myself back in shape.

Okie, the foot pain is definitely a burn - it was mainly in the right foot until about 3 months ago, now it's usually even between the 2. Some days on the treadmill are worse than others, but always bad when I stand around. (now I know why I was miserable working 12 hour swing shafts walking on concrete).

It feels like it starts around my ankle and radiates to the bottom of the foot - sound familiar? Are you seeing a chiro now? I know a lot of people bash chiros, but mine has been awesome - and he wouldn't touch me until he saw all the films and reports.....hmmmmm. He helped some with the upper back spasms before surgery but said they most likely wouldn't go away until the spondy was lined up and things got balanced out - just what the ortho said at my 2 week visit. Sorry to say I'm getting that pain back ...

I'll post again tomorrow after my NS visit. Everyone have a great day!

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