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Hi Ladies..

We're keeping our fingers crossed for you Carol, sorry you have to wait for a week tho.

How are your feet and stomach doing Okie? I still can't believe they aren't more concerned with your stomach; have you done any research on post-op complications of laproscopic surgery? (if you use the google toolbar at the top of the page, click on "web" instead of the healthboards bullet after you type in post op complications...). Please don't give up on this if it bothers you that much. I think you're probably pretty tough and wouldn't complain if it didn't hurt.

I've been getting a "catch" at the top of my hardware (like your "pop"??) felt when I stretch out. The screws are quite prominent ("substantial hardware") so they catch on whatever is around them. I've been getting a "creepy crawly" feeling around my tailbone when I lay down (muscle spasms?); robaxin doesn't help though. The shooting pain in my hip went away after 2 days; modified the walking route a bit so we'll see if it comes back. 1/2 vicoden takes it right away, but I'd rather not depend on it.

Going to step-daughters today to look over her shoulder while she works; much sitting so we'll see what happens.

take care all and have a pain-free day.

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