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Please help!!!
Nov 29, 2005
I was scheduled for IDET in October but cancelled it as everything I have read was telling me I wasn't a candidate for it. So I went for a second opinion and this is where I'm concused now! He did however agree that IDET was not for me, so lucky I have made the right choice reguarding that.

I have a herniation, grade 5 tear and DDD at L3/L4, (pain generator per discogram), L4/L5 bulge (not a pain generator, pressure only per disogram) L5/S1 herniation with grade 2/3 tear (pain generator per disogram) plus butt, knee, foot and big toe pain. Butt pain was felt during disogram but no leg pain

Second opinion dr at first was talking about possible ADR or fusion but wanted to go over all injections I've had so far and will let me know what direction we will go in.

Well, I just got off the phone with him and he said the injections PM did where at the wrong levels and he wants to try different injections first, to try and calm things down. The first would be a bi lateral trans at L3/L4 and another at L5/S1.

My question is isn't this just a temperary fix for a problem that needs to be repaired? He said they can't fuse L3/L4 and L5/S1 because L4/L5 will become unstable, which I understand and ADR can only be done, I believe, at one level. He did in closing say if the injection doesn't work then we would see about surgery. I guess if I do have pain relief from the inject what happens then? Do they just keep repeating the injections? Surely the disc will continue to leak and what happens then? Also, if I do have relief do I go back to "normal" actives? I'm so confused. I know alot of you out here have been through surgeries and what not so your opinions will help. BTW, the dr spoke to me inbetween patients and I felt like I couldn't address all my questions with him on the phone. He did keep referring back to what we spoke about at my visit but to be honest I don't remember all the details because he was speaking in dr terms, :(.

Thanks for any help, advise or opinions you may have for me.
Re: Please help!!!
Nov 30, 2005
I just booked an appointment to go back to my Neruosurgeon. I had called her after the discogram to she if what PM wanted to do was ok because when I first saw her before the disogram she was talking about fusion. She agreed with PM for me to try invasive surgery first which was back in June, which would of been the IDET. I called her office today and spoke to her assistant and explained that I had gone for a "second" opinion and that he said I was not a candidate for IDET and wanted to do more injections and that I don't want to go down that road again so she told me to bring all the disogram reports and the films and we will go over them and see what the next step is. I pray that this will be the last step for me and that this yo yoing that has be going on is over. My car insurance company is the sole reason this has drag on soooooooo long. It's been a year and 7 months since my accident and the pain has gotten worse not better and I have been down the usual road of PT and injections. So December 21st I hope to have the answers I need.
Thanks for all your input :)

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