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Dr. Melvin Law in Nashville, TN is the wonderful doctor who has worked miracles with my back. Is that a commute you could make? >>

I live in Pennsylvania, but would go to CA if need be or anywhere else for that matter. We see my son's neurosurgeon on Monday, but I got the xray report today and it mentions nothing about fusing. It just says the hardware is in place. This is 8 months after his surgery. The report keeps saying there is no change from past xrays and has been saying that after the 1 month xray was taken. I would think it would mention if the spine was fusing. The xrays all look exactly alike with no changes visible to me.

I'm just wondering who your doctor is because it is obvious that you have great confidence in him and want the name in case I would need it in the future.

I hope on Monday his neurosurgeon sees something that is not visible to me. Someone on this board said that she heard about someone who was undergoing a second surgery because she did not appear to be fused and when they opened her up, she was fused. I think it was ifoster who mentioned that (but could be wrong).

Tank you for the name of your doctor. I will put it away for safe keeping and hope I never need it.


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