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I have to concur with everyone on the w/c issue. It ruined us and we settled just to get rid of them. Now we made out better than some financially maybe but my hubby never got his back fixed, so really we didn't make out at all.

We also tried me working for less than 1/2 of what he made an hour and going for SSI but the system can always afford to wait you out. We were drowning and after our marriage was ready to break up (and we have 5 kids), he broke down and got a menial job in a factory.

What has pissed me off is that he had L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1 herniations, Leg pain and numbness...the MRI said he had DDD throughout his whole spine and narrowing of his foramens with nerve impingement. The pain mgmt. doc played down his herniations and did a caudal ESI which was quite painful for my hubby to get and didn't last longer than about 10 days with minimal relief of about 25 to 30 percent. Doc said he wouldn't do another then and we didn't want my hubby to have one. That doesn't fix the problem anyway.

Then on to an EMG which showed nerve damage but the pain doc played that down too. Then the damn dreaded Discogram...showed 2 of the 3 discs as concurrant level 10 plus pain. The annulus were torn and the dye leaked into his spinal canal. The CT showed all of it. Yet the pain doc played it all down and said many people live with this for years. Surgery was only 1/3 chance of helping and would only work for about 5 years if it did help. So now, my hubby is totally anti-surgery when I think it will help and the doc is wrong. He was the w/c doc after all.

We did get a couple of other opinions and a "good"? lawyer and just went through hell to settle because they cut him off w/c and said go back to work.
Well the restrictions that still stand lifting over 12 lbs., no sit/stand/walk for more than 30 min. at a time, no repetive bending, no crawling, no ladders...on and on. He is a carpenter for criminey sake. For 20 years that is what he did.

Now he lied to get this factory job. Didn't disclose his limits...didn't matter for the w/c stuff cause we both never want to use it again anyway. The first couple of weeks on the job were killer for him after almost 2 years of no work.
I remember him coming home and laying on the floor in tears in pain and spasms. But he got up and did it everyday. He sort of carved a place for himself in this job that makes less than half of what he could be making. Now, 6 months later, a couple of raises later, they like his work ethic and a few of his supers know he has a back problem and he is finding things he can do that are easier on his back and is working toward a quality control spot. But being on his feet all day, I see him struggle. He tries to tell me he's fine and his back problems to a back seat the day he had to go back to work.

Well, this whole thing has just about killed our marriage. We wouldn't have stayed together if it wasn't for the kids. And the stress I have been through watching him suffer and not be able to do anything...ARGGGGGG!!!! I am a nervous wreck. And I cannot seem to let it go. Matter of fact, he's done a better job of that and sometimes that ticks me off that he doesn't seem to get righteously mad at the mess the w/c system made of our lives and the run around we got from the docs. And I haven't even told 1/2 of it here.

I really feel for all of you guys cause I know what you are going through. One thing that impresses me is your positive outlook. I lost that. And I would be a bad helpmate for my husband in that state should he actually ever go through with a surgery (providing we find a doc who would do it). I have been thinking about maybe some counseling even and then I read how the system was trying to blame one of the people here at this sites previous problem with depression for his/her back condition. Now that is LOW!

And then I am suffering my own back problems now and this is crazy. But mine isn't w/c and thank God for that. The one good thing about my hubbys job is there is good medical insurance and we choose our docs. As a sub-contractor he didn't have medical insurance.

And our settlement bought us our house. So now we will always have a roof over our heads which wasn't guaranteed just a short time ago.

Well...I know this was crazy long...Good to vent a little. My hubby is sleeping and I am about to hit the roof from sitting too long...gonna hit the sack too.
Thanks for the inspiration. :angel:


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