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To add to the previous posts, you may want to look into the buttock and leg pain. It sounds like you have a form of Sciatica, but the question is the source: 1) disc (such as pinched nerve - DDD and herniation are at right location for that nerve), or 2) piriformis muscle (runs from same location as you disc problem under the glutes to you hip on the side).

I would recommend seeing a specialist...I know some have issues with ortho surgeons, but if they are involved in sports-related injuries, FDA and other advanced studies, and have a neuro on staff, you should be in good shape. Just do your homework.

If the MRI doesn't show a disc impingement, then the only test I can think of is giving you an anesthetic shot in the piriformis. After 3-4 hours, you will know whether or not that is the cause. That's how mine was found.

Good luck in your efforts.

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