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Hi Everyone I Am New To This Site. Like Most Of You I Have A Bad Back. I Am Happy I Found This Site And I Sympathize With Everyone Here. But I Have A Problem About 3 Yrs Ago I Found Out That I Have A Herniated Disc L5-s1. I Am Thinking About A Micro-d But I Am Wondering Should I Get One. Now I Have Never Spoke To A Orthepedic Surgeon And My Back Isn't All That Bad, But I Do Have Leg And Buttocks Pain. I Don't Know I Guess I Have A High Tolerance For Pain. But This Has Ruined My Lifestyle. I Don't Play Sports Anymore Hardly Ever Workout Any More. I Am Very Limited And I'm Tired Of It. I Miss My Old Life, Now I Am Not Scared Of Surgery. I Am Wondering Will A Micro-d Help Me??? The Mri Say's The Following

Findings: The Examination Reveals Striaghtening Of The Normal Lumbar Lordosis.

There Is Loss Of Normal Signal Intensity From The L5-s1 Intervertebral Disc Proper And Some Disc Space Narrowing At L5-s1 Of Degenerative Disc Disease.

There Is A Central Herniated Disc At L5-s1 Which Does Not Lateralize Or Apperar To Significantly Compromise The Exiting Nerve Roots.

The Remainder Of The Intervertebral Disc Spaces And Vertebral Body Heights Appear Preserved. The Intervertbral Foraminia Are Patent Bilaterally. The Conus Medullaris And Visualized Portion Of The Sacrum To The Level Of S2 In Not Remarkable. Do Discrete Paraspinal Soft Tissue Mass Is Noted.

Central Herniated Disc At L5-s1
Degenerative Disc Disease At L5-s1

P.s. Sorry About This Post Being So Long. Can Someone Please Explain All That To Me And Give Me Some Advice On What To Do??? Thankyou

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