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My 16 year old daughter had her surgery for spondyin June. Her two surgeons did a laminectomy, discectomy and the fusion of l4 - S1. They did the fusion for the spondy and the rest for her stenosis. She had two drs doing the surgery on her (a pediatric ortho and an adult spine specialist). It took about three hours. Her dr. used donor bone and mixed it with her bone from the laminectomy. He fixed the slip some, but not as much as he had hoped. My daughter's dr does not use a brace and she was moving around fine. Her dr puts his ped patients in pediatric icu the first night to be monitored. She did very well. When we met her after recovery in her room she actually had a big smile on her face and was talking to us. Her face was a little swollen from the way she was during surgery, but was better by the next day.

The nurses came in and changed her position about every hour. They made her very comfortable. They used a foam wedge to position her. We brought it home with us and it has worked very well, especially when she is lying on her side. Her first few days during the hospital she was on the morphine pump and that was working fine. She really was in no pain, but she did have some itching from the morphine which we found out was a side effect. They just gave her some benadryl to stop that. They sat her up the first day post op and that really made her nauseaus.

By the second morning after surgery they pulled the pump and put her on lortab. PT started walking her. She still felt nauseaus most of the time. They also had her sitting in the chair a few times a day. They did give her the two units of blood that she had donated prior to surgery to as her dr said, "fill her tank back up." The third day post op PT taught her how to do stairs and OT came in and taught her how to get in and out of the bathtub.

She came home on the fourth day post op. I can't believe how well she did. She was walking the hospital halls without a walker. She moved slowly, but walking on her own without a brace. She had some problems with nausea, frequent urination and diarreah. The frequent urination was from irritation from the catheter which her dr said happened because she has some other defects with her anatomy and because of this they had some trouble getting it in. Her dr reassured us that each of these problems would resolve itself soon and they did. The dr called in compazine to try to help her nausea. She had one night of muscle spasms after we were home and that was it. Her dr called in valium in case she needed it again. She started eating about the eighth day post op and it was all up hill from that point on.

At about ten days post op she was walking the neighborhood three times a day each time going a little farther. She had no problems going up and down the stairs to shower. I had a bed set up in our family room. I thought it gave her more room for when her friends come over. Her dr wanted her to walk, walk, walk and rest. The relief in her pain was amazing. She had lots of leg pain from her stenosis before and it was gone after surgery.

Sorry this is so long. I wish you the best for you and hope your recovery is as great as her's was. She is very glad she did this surgery. At 6 1/2 mo she has now been skating (with her dr permission) and feeling great. cas

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