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Hi Brain...

That's okay... I figured it was probably good that you haven't been around. Not only must you be feeling better, but like you're getting your mind on other things. :)

Hmm...those are the same two discs that my husband is having problems with. L4-L5 is where he had the surgery, but they gave him the shot at L5-S1 for DDD. I guess they think it will help with both areas. Weird. He also got a shot in the hip area as there seems to be a nerve pinched there as well. The therapist says the pain has made him favor his left side, in effect causing the hips to go out of alignment. You can't tell by looking at him because it's not that bad, but she seems to think she will be able to fix that once the shot kicks in. He already looks better since going to her. :)

"Together they make one great guy!" LOL! It's a shame, but isn't that how it always seems to go. :rolleyes:

As for the reaction you had, I know you told me not to tell you about the side effects of Neurontin, but since you are doing so well without it...hehe...I might as well mention that the reaction you had to the sedation is the same reaction my husband sometimes gets from the Neurontin. It only lasts for a few seconds, but his face and neck get red and he has a sort of tingly feeling. From what he tells me, it only happens when he gets hot and it's not very bothersome, just uncomfortable. Not too bad considering the relief it gives him. The doctor that gave him the shot says he may be able to get off them once the shot kicks in.

As far as his isn't working yet, but we'll see. They said it could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted...and be sure to let us know how you are doing. :)

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