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Lower back pain.
Jan 8, 2006
Hi all,
Im 32 and was recently told I have arthritis in my back. I have been to my GP and was given muscle relaxers which did no good at all. I also visited a chiropractor and thought I was gonna die after that. I felt pretty good after the visit but the next morning I thought someone had driven over me with a 18 wheeler ! I also have had bouts with bursitis (sp) in both shoulders, and gout from time to time in both feet. The back pain is so bad it makes my muscles tense up to the point where I can barely move. The people at my job think im nuts because I look like a 80 year old woman hobbling around the office, and my manager thinks im "faking it". I have seriously considered trying to get disability for this because I can't sit for long periods and I can't stand for long periods either. I am basically miserable all day at work because my back is so stiff from sitting that when I do get up it literally feels like it is going to break in half. I have had back problems on and off since I was 14 when I broke my tail bone in a fall. The doctor I went to recently told me that I have bone spurs and my spine is out of alignment (sp). Oh joy . The odd thing is I don't even have to do anything for my back to go out, I can just wake up and not be able to roll over. Is there anything I can do to ease this or am I basically screwed ? Thanks!!

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